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Acanthoscurria geniculata .5'' Brazilian white knee tarantula Acanthoscurria geniculata 1.5'' Brazilian white knee tarantula Aphonopelma Santa Cruz .5''  "Fluffy" Possible new species Aphonopelma seemanii Costa Rican Stripeknee Tarantula 1" Avicularia minatrix Venezuelan Red-stripe Pink-toe .75"

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First order went so smoothly!! Great packaging and quick processing and shipping!! Tom is a great communicator!


I cannot recommend Fangztv enough! Spiderlings are always expertly packed and always arrive healthy. Prices are also great. Tom's communication is top notch and I have placed numerous orders and have yet to have any issues. His 250 dollar threshold for free shipping is also great. All in all one of the best dealers on the market.


Simply the best . Willing to answer any questions before and after the purchase. Insane prices . You want to do meet ups? In and out that quick . Very much recommend.


This is my 2nd purchase within 2 years apart from FangzTv he has the best selection. My Tarantulas are still doing well from our first order. And we Just received our 2nd order, Excellent packing all arrived safe & sound and are doing great. Thank You again Tom


Tom is the best. I am a return customer. Tom has the best prices, he also matches prices, and my tarantulas always comes fast and healthy. THANKS AGAIN!


Absolutely Excellent in every way. I love these people. So caring and Professional. I highly recommend Fangz TV. I love you so much


Wonderful selection of Tarantulas! Amazing customer service, very understanding and helpful. And a bunch of healthy babies. I will definitely be ordering again!


Tom was so flexible and easy to work with. His tarantulas arrived healthy and packaged so well. Highly recommend Fangztv


FangzTV has the absolute best quality tarantulas. Wonderful support, packaging, and communication. Tom is the guy to go to! Stay away from others, they’re ripping you off. Won’t shop anywhere else.

A Brazilian white knee spider on wood bark

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