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Hi Im Tom . Let me talk about Fangztv. Fangztv was founded many years back and since our creation we have been driven on providing quality care and captive breeding for Spiders in the USA.

Experienced Breeder

Proven Track Record

Thousands produced

We have more than 100 Eggsacs per year

Local Programs

We also work with Local USA Breeders in an attempt to reduce our dependency on legal imports from other Countries, although at times we will still import for various reasons. Such as working in other bloodlines.


Our goal is to produce some of the best tarantulas in the USA, and a several occasion we have actually been the first in the USA to get offspring from certain Species.



Captive Breeding efforts is a main priority here at Fangztv. To work with our spiders and raise them for others to ultimately enjoy.



Dedication to focus for Breeding tarantulas is not an easy task but we love it. We've produced some of the hardest species in the Hobby with volume , most notably Green Bottle Blues. Still we have has other species with 100% success rates in a given year.


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